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Background to the casestudy

Initial situation

Nowadays, CSR becomes a vital factor to company Image and indirectly influences Customers’ Loyalty. The Chinese Government considers enterprises not only profit producers but also social responsibilities takers. Therefore, CSR in China is essential for doing business there. The current economy and natural imbalance in China has gradually motivated companies to engage in CSR activities to contribute to the society. For example, the development of healthcare solutions for rural China is of key importance for China. Since rural healthcare improvement has become one of the top priorities of the Chinese Government, Siemens as a leading global healthcare solution provider, with its strengths and competences in this field lends a helping hand to reach this important goal. Siemens kicked off USD 10 million (7,7 Mio. Euro) rural healthcare project and started its roll-out in China.

In this project, Siemens will equip the county-level hospital with a full range of appropriate diagnostic imaging equipment – including ultrasound, X-ray and CT. Since medical experience is crucial in the healthcare delivery process, Siemens will meanwhile provide relevant medical and application training to support the education of the physicians in the hospital. Beside that, the company will also install water treatment equipment to prevent health threats to the environment from the hospital's wastewater. With all these contributions, the county-level hospital will be modeled into a Rural Center of Medical Excellence.

Relationship to core business

We use the technique and Know-How from our core business and have also volunteerism with our employees, which are indirect from the core business.

Siemens’s early Corporate Citizenship activities in China can be traced back to the 1930ies, when Mr. John Rabe, then Siemens business representative in Nanjing and Chairman of the Nanjing International Safety Zone, provided humanitarian aid and shelter for over 250,000 Chinese refugees at Siemens’ property in Nanjing during the “Nanjing Massacre”.

Intension of corporate citizenship

Description of the issue

Siemens Caring Hands - Disaster Relief

In January 2008, Siemens Launched "We Are Together" donation campaign for snow-hit areas. Siemens is among the first multinational companies operating in China to take immediate actions to support the all-out efforts of the country to combat the blistering cold and help those affected in South China. Siemens and its staff immediately donated RMB100 000 (11 198 Euro) in cash and quilt and winter clothes valued at around RMB 50 000 (5 599 Euro).

From December 2005 to January 2006, Siemens China launched an employee donation drive in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to collect winter clothing for the Jiangxi earthquake victims. A total of 1,834 pieces of winter clothing, quilts, blankets and other winter necessities were collected and channeled through the Executive Committee of Foreign Investment Companies (ECFIC) to the Jiangxi provincial government. The donations will be distributed to those people in the earthquake-stricken areas to help them get through the cold winter with warm clothing.

On May 12, 2008, the devastating earthquake hit Sichuan of China, The earthquake with a Richter of 8.0 claimed thousands of lives and left numerous homeless and many orphans. Siemens China took urgent action by immediately donating RMB 2 Million (223 773 Euro) and RMB 4 million (447 547 Euro) worth of medical and water purification equipment for earthquake disaster relief in Sichuan.

Apart from Siemens China corporate donation, Siemens has also called on donation pledge among all Siemens China employees to contribute their care and support for the earthquake relief. To facilitate donation from all Siemens employees across China and ensure immediate aid, donation boxes were set up in all major cities across China. In addition to donating on their own, many of Siemens colleagues expressed the willingness to contribute their company outing incentive to help those people in urgent need. By June 13th, the total Siemens employee donation has hit a record of over RMB 5 million (559 434 Euro). The series of Siemens donation action have showed our caring hands to the victims of China's worst natural disaster in decades.

Target group

Our target groups for all CSR activates under two of our aforementioned umbrella programs range from people in the poverty-stricken and disaster affected regions, Siemens Stakeholders, Society in general as well as Employees.



A strong commitment to good Corporate Citizenship is a core value of Siemens that is based on the recognition that the company’s activities have a wider impact on the society in which it operates, and that developments in society in turn impact the company’s ability to pursue its business successfully. Siemens therefore actively manages the economic, social and environment impact of its activities, and realizes long-term benefits by working with local communities, government organizations and other key stakeholders.


Part of our disaster relief programs are executed through cooperation with NGO, i.e. Red Cross Society of China. During snow storm disaster and Sichuan earthquake, Siemens contributed significant financial support for better allocation of resources and rescue through cooperation with Red Cross China.


As a result of the political and social climate of the Chinese society, it has become crucial for multinational companies to become involved in CSR projects in compliance with local government’s CSR initiatives, i.e. Chinese government environmental protection initiatives and energy saving schemes. Therefore, the company has been activity seeking any potential opportunity arisen in this area to tackle the increasingly concerned social and global environmental problems.


Lessons learned

Balance of different parties’ interest both internally and externally. I.e. how to consolidate efforts and provide most needed assistance to the needy group. We tried to understand and meet different needs of interest groups.

Siemens Ltd., China

Company business type: Industry, Energy, Health Care
Employees: about 50,000
Countries: China
Duration of CSR activity: 1970 to ongoing

Contact person

Kang, Jian (Corporate Communication)


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