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Background to the casestudy

Initial situation

Nowadays, CSR becomes a vital factor to company Image and indirectly influences Customers’ Loyalty. The Chinese Government considers enterprises not only profit producers but also social responsibilities takers. Therefore, CSR in China is essential for doing business there. The current economy and natural imbalance in China has gradually motivated companies to engage in CSR activities to contribute to the society. For example, the development of healthcare solutions for rural China is of key importance for China. Since rural healthcare improvement has become one of the top priorities of the Chinese Government, Siemens as a leading global healthcare solution provider, with its strengths and competences in this field lends a helping hand to reach this important goal. Siemens kicked off USD 10 million (7,73 Mio. Euro) rural healthcare project and started its roll-out in China.

In this project, Siemens will equip the county-level hospital with a full range of appropriate diagnostic imaging equipment – including ultrasound, X-ray and CT. Since medical experience is crucial in the healthcare delivery process, Siemens will meanwhile provide relevant medical and application training to support the education of the physicians in the hospital. Beside that, the company will also install water treatment equipment to prevent health threats to the environment from the hospital's wastewater. With all these contributions, the county-level hospital will be modeled into a Rural Center of Medical Excellence.

Relationship to core business

We use the technique and know-how from our core business and have also volunteerism with our employees, which are indirect from the core business.

Siemens’s early corporate citizenship activities in China can be traced back to the 1930ies, when Mr. John Rabe, then Siemens business representative in Nanjing and Chairman of the Nanjing International Safety Zone, provided humanitarian aid and shelter for over 250,000 Chinese refugees at Siemens’ property in Nanjing during the “Nanjing Massacre”.

Intension of corporate citizenship

Description of the issue

Public Welfare

On October 31 2006, Nanjing University, the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai, Siemens China and Jiangsu BS Home Appliances Sales Co., Ltd. jointly held an opening ceremony in Nanjing University to announce the official opening of the newly renovated John Rabe House. After almost one year's relentless and multi-party efforts, the weather-beaten John Rabe House re-opens to the public as the "John Rabe and International Safety Zone Memorial Hall and John Rabe International Research and Exchange Center for Peace and Reconciliation". The total renovation cost reaches RMB 2,25 million (252 200 Euro) which is jointly funded with Siemens as a main contributor.

In September 2007, After one-year renovation with joint efforts from Nanjing University, Siemens China, Siemens Home Appliances China and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai, the old John Rabe House re-opened to the public in October 2006, serving as a public memorial and cultural center to commemorate John Rabe for his great deeds during World War II and to promote international exchanges. To fully realize John Rabe House's educational and social function as a platform of culture exchange and to meet the needs of daily maintenance for the House's sustainable development, Siemens became one of the six joint parties to contribute and establish the John Rabe House Development Fund. With an initial investment of RMB 3 million (336 540 Euro) which succeeds the House's renovation cost, the Fund is another visible sign to show stronger and continued commitment from Sino-German parties in the fields of cultural exchange, education, and research on international relations and peace.

In January 2008, Siemens Ltd., China donated RMB 100 000 (11 218 Euro) to Shanghai Charity Foundation Yangpu Branch. As a long-term and responsible partner, Siemens has always fully contributed to the sustainable development of Yangpu in various fields, such as the Siemens Center Shanghai with a total investment of RMB 710 million (79,6 Mio. Euro) which will be the new green "landmark" of Shanghai located in Yangpu, and the strategic partnership on energy-saving. Following those efforts, this donation is another visible sign to reiterate the strong commitment to realize the EXPO vision "Better City, Better Life" through joint efforts from Siemens and Shanghai Yangpu.

Since 2002, Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd. established a long-term support relationship with the Tianjin Red Cross Peach Garden Elderly People's Home. Siemens is committed to donate a total of more than RMB 1 million over the next five years. The donation helps to provide better service and care to the elderly.

Target group

Our target groups for all CSR activates under two of our aforementioned umbrella programs range from people in the poverty-stricken and disaster affected regions, Siemens Stakeholders, Society in general as well as Employees.



A strong commitment to good Corporate Citizenship is a core value of Siemens that is based on the recognition that the company’s activities have a wider impact on the society in which it operates, and that developments in society in turn impact the company’s ability to pursue its business successfully. Siemens therefore actively manages the economic, social and environment impact of its activities, and realizes long-term benefits by working with local communities, government organizations and other key stakeholders.


A variety of Siemens corporate citizenship activities are executed by utilizing the company competitive resources, i.e. the rural healthcare project with a total investment volume of USD 10 million (7,73 Mio. Euro) to provide help to sustainably improve healthcare in rural areas of China; the “Green Village Program” committing at least RMB 3 million (336 200 Euro) to provide safe daily water and energy saving solutions to improve the living conditions in the needy countryside.


As a result of the political and social climate of the Chinese society, it has become crucial for multinational companies to become involved in CSR projects in compliance with local government’s CSR initiatives, i.e. Chinese government environmental protection initiatives and energy saving schemes. Therefore, the company has been activity seeking any potential opportunity arisen in this area to tackle the increasingly concerned social and global environmental problems.


 Siemens kicked off a three-year "Green Village" program in Guangdong Province in 2007 committed to provide safe daily water and energy saving solutions to improve the living conditions in the needy countryside. Under the program, Siemens will commit at least RMB 3 million (336 200 Euro) to help needy villages to resolve the environmental problems seriously affecting daily lives of the villagers.

Its first pilot project is implemented in a village located in the Xinjiang town of Shaoguan City. Due to the insufficient existing water supply system and financial difficulties of the local government, the villiagers have been drinking unsafe portable water for decades. The problem has seriously affected the life of the villagers and posed a potential risk to the people’s health. After several on-site investigation and discussions with relevant local authorities, Siemens decided to donate a set of water purifying solution, equipment and services to Shangba villiage. Currently, the project is being implemented in Shangba. Under the project, Siemens will renovate the filtration pool, build an equipment room and install power facilities, and then install the water purifying equipment. Moreover, after the project is completed, Siemens will also provide equipment maintenance and operation training for the villiage maintenance staff, organize an international employee volunteers to the villiage and provide water resources and environmental protection education for Children.

Lessons learned

Balance of different parties’ interest both internally and externally. I.e. how to consolidate efforts and provide most needed assistance to the needy group. We tried to understand and meet different needs of interest groups.

Siemens Ltd., China

Company business type: Industry, Energy, Health Care
Employees: about 50,000
Countries: China
Duration of CSR activity: 1970 to ongoing

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Kang, Jian (Corporate Communication)


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